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Our world is changing, at a higher pace and with more impact than ever before. And we know for a fact that changes will be omnipresent and more so every day. Fuelled by a wide variety of initiatives. Society is swinging the other way. New communities arise. The content shock will only increase in force. We are looking for solutions towards a liveable and sustainable society. Driven by digitization. With always new connections and organizational forms. This requires individuals and organizations to adapt and show a great extent of flexibility.

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Dare to ask

In the past 30 years, we have gained an enormous amount of experience, knowledge and skills through all kind of different forms of commectivity (connection + communication + commitment + community = effectiveness). From brand positioning to PR actions. From civil participation to marketing campaigns. From integral visions to leadership and culture change processes. Below you will find a number of questions we have successfully tackled. Thanks to our customers!

Corporate organizations

  • How to build a brand and more specifically, how to activate that brand?
  • How to activate my identity with leadership behaviour?
  • How to translate my (worldwide) ambition into behaviour of my people?
  • We are looking for smart ways of communication, not only to launch a new proposition but also to ensure its long-term effectiveness. How do we do that?
  • How to use internal communication to support my (culture) change process?
  • We are on the verge of a merger, a new joint-venture or reorganization. How do I manage public opinion, but especially the motivation of the employees involved?

Small and medium enterprise

  • How to build a brand with the people of my company?
  • How to build/increase visibility?
  • My positioning and (marketing) communication should be more effective. What do I need to do?
  • How to use the power of my (family) business?
  • How do I translate my unique positioning in this fast changing world?
  • How can I claim my innovative and new offer in the market?
  • How can I leverage the power of my people?

Government, municipality, province, public-private partnerships

  • How can we shape participation from the public’s viewpoint and provide scope for the public, to make things happen?
  • How can we provide a framework for behavioural change with a view to a sustainable living environment?
  • How do I involve my own people, considering our changing role as government?
  • A sustainable equilibrium between public-private business practices for our organization and our customers. How do I achieve that successfully and in concrete terms?

Care sector

  • How to keep going in a care sector with competitive forces?
  • How can I respond to needs, together with my own people and clients, in a changing society?
  • How can I maintain ethical conduct as an organization, staying true to our values and ambitions?
  • How do I need to position myself, looking at the diversity of stakeholders?

Trade and not-for-profit organizations

  • How to strengthen my relationship with my members? How to get new members?
  • Which model is still feasible when you primarily work with volunteers?
  • How do I become and stay relevant and visible?
  • How do I respond to needs?
  • How do I involve as many people as possible in our ambition?
  • How do I shape new ways of collaboration?

Oh my. Crisis!

  • How do I respond to this crisis?
  • Can I turn a threat into an opportunity?
  • How to react proactively? Help!

Communication department/agency

  • How can we as communication professionals contribute most to the goals and ambition of our organization?
  • Which form of organization works best nowadays?
  • What is our current role as communication professional and what is the best way to give substance to that role?
  • How do I involve and convince my organization of the power of communication?
  • How to build successful communication teams?
  • How do I actively involve employees? What is my agency’s position in future?
  • How do I help my customers take care of their own communication as best as they can?
  • How do I keep up with change?

Our answer

Communication Compass®.

We help you define your own course, outlining what you stand for and what you intend to go for. In this way you can set things in motion with concrete steps. Our motto during this process is: “Please, do it yourself!” With your own people.

Your Communication Compass® determines your course, because now you know which opportunities there are in your dynamic playing field. You are driven by your identity, genuine values and principles. Your inspiring vision and ambition. All resulting in a crystal clear promise, which we will translate into strategic and tactical directions and actions. When you are able to focus on the right culture and behaviour, clear market propositions and inspiring commectivity, your stakeholders will behave in a way that fulfils you ambition.

How? Together!

By sharing all the knowledge and skills you or your people have. By participating with your stakeholders. And when necessary, by asking the help of real wizards in the required specialism.

We have partnerships with several organizations that afforce us in the interest of the customer. Our international colleagues at Tavistock in London with their cutting-edge worldwide network. Of course, our partners at the strategic communication and marketing agency MANA in Heerlen, and the innovative platform for visual communication the MediaINN, to name but a few. We have everything it takes to help you with building a brand, culture change, corporate communication, marketing communication, PR & crisis communication.

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